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Heat proofing services in Karachi during the summer season takes its peak because of its result-oriented solution. There are endless advantages of availing heat proofing services in Karachi. Out of all benefits, the top one is electricity saving which is a byproduct of using heat proofing services in Karachi. Although its only a chemical treatment, but its basic science that when solar heat is reflected into the atmosphere from the roof, the heat will drastically be decreased. The chemical normally works as paint and applied over the surface of any sort, whether its roof or walls. Good thing for many customers that various chemical companies supply chemical as well as heat proofing services in Karachi, out of them all, Lakhwa Chemical Services is also providing these services in the best of their abilities.

Roof Cool Services

Heat proofing chemicals are often called with various names, some say it roof heat proofing chemical, others sun reflective paint. But out of them all, the most popular name which is known to address heat proofing chemical in Karachi is Roof Cool paint, and those who provide this chemical services and application are simply known as roof cool services. It’s the responsibility of roof cool services provider to ensure that the chemical application which is applied over the affected area is treated completely over the roof or wall. This paint’s main job is to reflect the sun rays, but not defuse radiation that comes in the form of an urban heat effect. The good thing about most structures, that if the roof is cooler from lower energy absorbed through sunlight, other radiation also affects lesser on the surface. It is all possible through roof cool services.

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Roof leakage chemicals

A chemical is made from synthetic material with one objective in mind, to fulfill and apply the needs of the customer. Since there are countless chemicals used to cater to various industries and benefits customers, a chemical which makes a surface leakage proof is also something worth checking. These chemicals are of great importance since, during the rainy season, all of the water pours down to get in our way in the form of roof leakage. The chemicals which help in removing these issues are known as roof leakage chemicals. Simply the application of these roof leakage chemicals makes the roof completely water-resistant.

Heat insulation tiles in Pakistan

When talking about heat proofing services in Karachi, we would be giving it proper justice until and unless we disclose the importance of heat insulation tiles in Pakistan. Tiles are usually applied indoors, but there are many places, usually mass courtyards and convention centers which are completely exposed to the outside world and are at the mercy of sunlight. If there is a cloudy atmosphere, walking over these normal tiles is possible for, during high summer peaks, which are most of the cases in Karachi, the temperature of the roof increases to a certain extent that even walking over them is like an impossible task. To reduce the effect of heat-storing over tiles, the best solution by far is through heat insulation tiles in Pakistan.

Heat insulation coating for roof

Heat insulation is known to be material based only. That was the case in like 20th century. With the help of advanced science now Heat Proofing Services in Karachi is also possible through heat insulation coating for the roof. When we say insulation coating, it purely means in the form of liquid. But is it an ordinary type of liquid? Well not entirely. The application is done also through a special machine that helps make the insulation in the form of pressurized foam. This foam can be then applied on any surface which works as a heat insulation coating for roof and helps you from intense heat temperature from years to come.

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Waterproofing services

After discussing all the benefits and possibilities of Heat Proofing Services in Karachi, the chemical companies also are providing another form of chemical and coating based protection, which is known as waterproofing services. Thanks to advanced science, there are major two types of coating protection which ensure complete protection of affected conditions, such as intense heat as well as leakage and seepage. For securing leakage and seepage in Karachi, the best solution there is will be waterproofing services, that aim to provide a chemical-based coating to protect from rain and other water-based troubles.

Things to consider after hiring heat proofing services in Karachi

Let’s face it, we need to make our roof cooler because of the unprecedented heat which keeps on increasing every passing year.

We are left with few options, such as turn on the Air conditioning unit, but it’s also the most expensive one. The other solution is the next-gen one, which can be availed through contacting heat proofing services in Karachi.

But before we made up our mind and hire the heat proofing services in Karachi, we need to consider a few things for our roof, to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.

Make sure the roof is free from blockages

There are two things in your roof, your extra stuff lying around and dust all over the place. The dust can be cleaned by people that are coming to provide the heat proofing services in Karachi but taking into account things which lying, should come under the responsibility of the homeowner.

We need to clean up the things that take space over our roof and ensure that our roof is obstacle-free.

No water around the roof

The water and heat proofing solution doesn’t go hand and hand. It’s because the heat proofing services in Karachi use the chemicals which need to apply to a dry surface, and the main reason to apply the chemical in the first place is to make sure that high temperature is reduced as much as possible.

When we have leakages or water lying around over the roof, the heat proofing experts will find it extremely difficult to make the service fly with the best of their ability cause of the presence of water.

If the leakage is persistent and caused by the leakage of some pipe lying around, the best solution is to fix the burst pipe and wait a day or two so that roof is properly dried up.

Heat proofing application can’t work during the rainy season

During rain, calling the heat proofing experts will be of no use. At least until the sun comes up again, and there’s no raining for a few days. All we need to remember is that the heat proofing services in Karachi need 2 days as a whole for their services to work, which includes application and 24 hours to make it dry.

If there is the sun to its full capacity, the effect of chemical drying is more rapid than on precipitation caused by the monsoon season in Karachi.

After application, don’t walk on your roof for a day

Consider the heat proofing services in Karachi as your regular paint, and most of us already know that the chemical application such as paints needs time to get dry.

During this time, we are advised to not touch the wet paint, because it will come out and make our entire effort down to dust.

Heat proofing services require around 24 hours to get fully dried up.

Hire a respectable and professional Heat proofing company

Lakhwa Chemical Services we’re a best Heat Proofing Company there is the range of our services in Heat Proofing:

LCS Roof Heat Proofing Treatment – Sunlight Protection:

LCS chemical heat proofing reflects sunlight and absorbs less radiant heat energy than a regular roof. Lowering the temperature of your roof can significantly decrease temperature of your room under the coated roof. After LCS chemical roof treatment about 85% of sunlight is blocked & diverted into different directions. Our treatment is best a best protection against sunlight. We have three different varieties for roof heat proofing.

LCS can convert your existing roof into cool roof with special chemicals designed for this purpose.

Benefits of Chemical Heat Proofing

Low Cost & Light Weighted
Excellent Heat Resistance
High Heat Endurance about 85%
Extra Sunlight Protection
Saves 30% Electric Bills
Lowers Cooling Cost
Significantly Decreases Room Temperature
Durable & Delicate Look

Quoted after site visit. (Survey is free of cost)

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