Why blow torch is used in the waterproofing membrane in Karachi?

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Waterproofing services in Karachi have been proceeding with heaps and bounds in these recent years. The main reason for its popularity is because it stops not just leakage and seepage but also saves us money which is overspent on home renovation works. Good thing that waterproofing comes in various forms depending on our requirements. Talking about one of the types of products, the waterproofing membrane in Karachi is used extensively over areas where the leakage is troubling along with surface cracks and damages. But to apply a waterproofing membrane over the surface, we have to use blow torch in the process. Let’s understand why blow touch is used in waterproofing in Karachi?

How does the waterproofing membrane work?

When dealing with the waterproofing issue, the only option we have on our disposal is either through waterproofing chemicals. Another solution is related to the waterproofing membrane and its performance is far more enhanced than any other option we have under the umbrella of waterproofing solution. The waterproofing membrane works in rather simple terms. The compound is made from bitumen based material, which acts as rubber, but quite strong. This material once applied over the affected area will perform airtightness. Once the airtight feature is achieved all of the water leakages and seepage will naturally be contained and fixed the entire notion of water-based damages.

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Benefits of high grip waterproofing membrane

Among the most popular product in the family of the waterproofing membrane is a high grip waterproofing membrane. The main benefit of using a high grip waterproofing membrane is the bottom layer which not just fixed the leakage and seepage but also repairs any surface cracks and concrete damages. The only thing about its application for waterproofing membrane in Karachi is through blow torch which is applied through the upper area so that the inner area melts up and sticks over the affected area. One important difference between a waterproofing membrane in Karachi and chemical treatment is based on the product warranty or lifespan, and obviously, the waterproofing membrane leads by a long shot in this domain.

Types of waterproofing membrane used in Karachi

When dealing with various types of waterproofing membrane in Karachi, its also known as a waterproofing sheet based membrane which comes as a sheet of layer and is either applied over the affected area by heating it from the top, or bonding with an adhesive chemical. The most important type of waterproofing membrane is a bituminous membrane that comes in rolls and applied over the affected area quite effectively. Another waterproofing membrane is spray based known as liquid applied waterproofing membrane, which is, in short, is a chemical-based solution which fixes the affected area marvelously.

How to handle blow torch for waterproofing membrane?

For bituminous waterproofing membrane, the application is performed through the process of a blow torch. Since the blow torch must be handled with care, proper equipment is required to handle blow torch and its application must be according to industry standards. For starters, the waterproofing membrane is handled with properly setting up the rolls over the affected area. Once the roll is properly covered, then we need to use blow torch so that the material that is located at the bottom is properly be melted. This melting process would require around 500 C of the rise in temperature, so that high powered blow torch comes into consideration.

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Equipment used for the application

The blow torch equipment is as common as they come and used for different methods. There is a simple blow torch used for kitchen purposes, and then we have high powered industrial blow torch that is required for high temperature. When dealing with industrial blow torch equipment for waterproofing membrane, two canisters are used along with a nozzle extension. One canister belongs to oxygen, while the other one is called liquefied petroleum and methylacetylene-propane, which is industrially called MAPP.

Expertise for waterproofing membrane

By understanding all the above responses regarding handling waterproofing membrane its quite evident that to professionally handle the waterproofing membrane and its application over the affected area, the individual hired to do the job should be properly experienced in this domain of work. The required expertise greatly helps the waterproofing membrane application up to the standard that’s ensure the proper security from leakage and seepage based trouble in Karachi.

How waterproofing companies can provide services

Its the job of Lakhwa Chemical Services, which are equipped with the means and methods of waterproofing based solution in Karachi. Either we are dealing with chemical-based treatment or simply with waterproofing membrane in Karachi, the company will not just handle the procurement of the goods, but also cover all the application requirement for the client with most professionalism and devotion.

Some precautions while applying waterproofing membrane in Karachi

Since we have discovered the trick behind applying the waterproofing membrane in Karachi, it’s only wise to keep some precautions into considerations especially for technicians responsible to apply this waterproofing membrane in Karachi in the first place.

Let’s learn what are the main features while getting busy in providing the application of the waterproofing membrane in Karachi. As the crux of apply application’s success lies in the small details about the overall application.

Cover your hands and face

The first thing that everyone who is entrusted for the application of the waterproofing membrane in Karachi should cover their hands and face.

This is the basic precautionary measures to be taken by a person while the application of a chemical-based solution. Although the waterproofing membrane in Karachi is not chemical but is covered through the blow torch solution.

With the help of blow torch, the waterproofing membrane in Karachi gets properly suited for the better. Hence, it’s up to the applicator to ensure that his hands are protected by quipped with gloves, and face though equipping a mask.

Use hard leather boots

As the primary equipment during the application of the waterproofing membrane in Karachi is fire, we need to have some nice boots that should protect us from the hot floor.

The waterproofing membrane in Karachi is asphalt sheets, which gets really hot and extremely dangerous when touched by exposed skin.

Wearing normal boots will be devastating for the labor as well as the solution itself, and it’s utmost important to wear these hard leather boots to protect ourselves from the adverse effects of the hot floor.

Properly check equipment

The equipment that we are going to use should be completely effective. The checklist that most of the people do before applying the waterproofing membrane in Karachi in the first place should include checking up blow touch nozzle, and its workability.

Using a faulty blow torch will be more or less devastating for the applicator, as it could prove to be fatal for the well being of their health as well as the waterproofing membrane itself.

Careful while operating gas cylinder

Blow torch as equipment relies on the gas cylinder attached with the blow torch nozzle. This gas cylinder should be properly protected.

Using a good cylinder for the work, and keep checking its effectiveness must be the applicator’s regular task, as a gas cylinder is almost like a bomb when explode, and could result to unimaginable consequences.

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