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When intense heat comes knocking our doors during the summer season, things are not pretty at all. It means that high electric bills would be coming in each month, along with high temperatures over our roofs and walls, which will make our sleep troubling as well as resting during days. This is a regular experience for people living in Karachi. There is an imperative need to use alternative and more economical solution that helps to protect from high temperatures as well as saves us money from using low electric bill during summer. What we are referring for our customers to avail heat proofing in Karachi, which will solve this high heat troubles once and for all.

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Heat proofing services

The good thing about heat proofing services its simply a chemical solution that ensures complete solution as well as economical. Now when an application for heat proofing chemicals gets to work, the sunlight which comes directly over our roof is reflected into the atmosphere. This reflection will help us to make our roof cool throughout the day and during the night time, the heat radiation which will be stored inside the walls would not be there in the first place. The heat radiation over the walls comes out only when the sunlight gets absorbed its temperature over the roof and walls during the way. Not to mention, that for large cities like Karachi, there is another issue that further intensifies the heat proofing in Karachi known as urban heat effect.

Roof heat proofing

The main cause of high temperature over many homes are usually high temperature exerts from sunlight. The temperature over this direct heat when strikes over our roof will transfer the heat over the roof, which in result makes our roof pretty unbearable for the entire home, to say the least. The roof heat proofing is the solution that helps ensure that complete fix and for the long run. Besides using heat proofing in Karachi, there is always the solution of air conditioning, which is by far is considered an expensive work. It’s because of the high energy cost in Karachi, and nothing we can do about it, except bear up the cost. Thanks for the scientific advancements in the chemical application which has paved the way for roof heat proofing chemicals that surely works 100%.

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Roof cool services

Companies that are equipped with providing heat proofing in Karachi are usually terms as roof cool services. They are the companies responsible to ensure that complete application is covered over the roof with chemicals that help control the high temperature as well as saves a lot of money in the process. These heat proofing companies who provide a solution for customers in the domain of heat proofing in Karachi are usually the ones responsible for complete solution and treatment that works for years. But one of the best things about roof cool services is that these companies provide warranty for several years on their service as well as product, which double secure the customer who is looking to get some relief from the high temperature from the sun.

Heat proofing solution

When people are looking to avail heat proofing solutions in Karachi, what they needed are two things. One is to try a new solution for the first time, as well as save their air condition cost which piles up during the summer season. Good thing that both of these conditions are well met when applied using heat proofing in Karachi and companies that apply these chemicals in the first place. What we are aiming is to provide some confidence in people that heat proofing solutions are considered among the top solutions that fix roof heat problems as well makes your stay inside any property is a surety.

How Heat Proofing in Karachi saves in electricity bills

Why do people go with the heat proofing in Karachi in the first place? To make their roof cooler than before, but there’s an others aspect for availing the heat proofing in Karachi for one’s home.

That’s related to saving the electricity bills, and a lot of it if we might add. This phenomenon can only be possible through applying heat proofing in Karachi and none other solution out in the market.

To make our readers understand how heat proofing in Karachi saves in electricity bills will be more followed through a series of points, we have compiled for our readers.

Effects on air conditioning units

The heaviest appliance which takes a real toll on consuming a lot of electricity for our home is none other than air conditioning units.

These units keep on running day and night, so that room remains in a livable temperature. Especially in Karachi, where frequent power breakups are a normal thing, the use of air conditioning units is nothing short of a luxury.

But with people paying up huge sums of money each month, there’s a need to apply a secondary solution which ensures that high temperature is reduced to a greater degree.

Low thermostat settings

When we turn on our air conditioning units, the first thing we ensure is to make the thermostat on a standard scale, which is no so high and no so low. The higher time required for thermostat to trip, the more electricity bill will come each month.

With heat proofing in Karachi, the roof cool will ensure that our room temperature remains at the green area without putting much strain over the air conditioning unit through setting higher thermostat value.

Makes room cooler for longer

The rooms cooler what we need, and thanks to the combination of heat proofing in Karachi and the use of the air conditioning unit in the first place, we can have the room cooler for much time.

This is possible only through adopting with low thermostat value, and since the roof keeps cooler for some time, the air conditioning will ensure that little chilliness is retained for few hours without a lot of external effects.

No air conditioning units. No problem

There can be possible that our air conditioning unit becomes faulty all of a sudden, or that we don’t own air conditioning in one of our rooms. For all of them, simply applying heat proofing in Karachi will certainly assist in ensuring that average room temperature will help to make the room livable

In most homes, there are usually one or at most two rooms that have air conditioning units installed. But for all other rooms, relying on heat proofing in Karachi will surely be more than enough solution to ensure that solid assistance in protection from high temperature is ensured.

Heat Proofing Companies that we can Rely on

Lakhwa Chemical Services we’re a best Heat Proofing Company there is the range of our services in Heat Proofing:


We are providing services & applications of these Products for Roof Heat Proofing:

• Heat Reflector Coating System LH1
• Elastomeric Heat Reflector Coating System LH2
• Elastomeric Heat Reflector Coating System LH2 with Fusin Sheet
• Bituminous Aluminum Foil Membrane Heat Reflector & Waterproof
• Simple Reflector Coating With Fusin Sheet
• Etc.

And many others company products apply as per client requirement.

Different Warranties.

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