Does roof leakage treatment in Karachi secure from diseases?

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Roof leakage is something we mustn’t take lightly and there is a reason for it. Leakage over the roof is terrible for your home. Not simply it destroys the roof as a whole and weakens the concrete rooftops, but the consequence far reaches our health as well. There is a direct relationship with the water and know it comes to haunt us when we leave it as it is. But if the water leakage is controlled even partially, the stored water is also something to vary about. Nonetheless, the roof leakage treatment in Karachi is considered among the widely used solution that helps secure the roof from water-based damages but also save you from various types of diseases.

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Importance of a dry roof

Your home roof must be left dry, this should be the top priority. Don’t let the roof get wet for hours, except the rainy season. Now once we have taken care of the water sources which creates the leakage in the first place, what left is the security of your interior. The leakage in the roof will eventually lead to the downwards of our property, usually inside our home, which destroys the paint and concrete to an unprecedented level. We are left with only one option in the form of chemical treatment which is used to fix not just our roof exterior but also interior.

Water and insects

We want to touch this subject because many times people are left with the possibility of diseases that are caused by unhygienic water being left inside the home. In Karachi especially, the probability of the water-based insects are mosquitoes, which does a great amount of damage into our well being, most importantly, there is the epidemic of dengue virus. If the waterproofing is applied in the roof with the best solution there available in the market, we are left with another issue, the seepage that is left untreated. Only a waterproofing based solution can fix the seepage into your roof for good because even little speck of water might become a source of insects infestation of some sort.

Use of roof leakage chemicals

People have some reservations about the roof leakage chemical on its own because the chemical smell and its application might get in the way for people. Indeed the reservation is valid, but in actuality, the waterproofing chemical is not dangerous for people at all. It’s completely secure because it’s usually made from synthetic material and applied outside of your home. The application is also instant, hence the chemical treatment and people that are responsible in the application is cleared more quickly.

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What comes after roof seepage solution

Once the roof seepage solution is done, then comes the relaxation time and see how the roof leakage treatment’s magic works. There is no maintenance required for waterproofing chemicals hence its quite easy for people who which to avail of this service. It also helps people to increase their property value because when no seepage and leakage comes into their way, the house condition is also kept in the order. We make it evident as the waterproofing expert to ensure that your chemical treatment follows all the best practices so that you enjoy the best roof leakage treatment for years.

Seal of every leakage in your house

There is roof leakage, but that’s not the only leakage that usually comes inside the home. There are various places where potential leakage exists, such as water tank, foundation, basement, bathroom, and expansion joint treatment. This solution should be handled promptly because even if a single place is left unattended, the leakage could bring more insect infestation which is devastating to your well being. There are many solutions in the market to terminate these insects once found, but if you want them to not exists in the first place, its vital to close down every point of leakage in your home and seal them using waterproofing chemical treatment.

Waterproofing company comes to your rescue

The waterproofing company in Karachi like Lakhwa Chemical Services is equipped with the modern-day solution that includes labor, experience, and chemical that helps protect the leakage for good. We manage to provide the best solution for roof leakage treatment and ensure that no leakage comes into your way whether its wall, basement, bathrooms, and sort. We, as an emerging waterproofing company is providing the service for several years with great zeal and positive results, not to mention the freebies we provide to our customers for the long run also works great to improve the well being if our people.

Where does roof leakage treatment in Karachi works?

Although the roof leakage treatment in Karachi is accompanied through the chemical application, it’s worth checking where do these chemicals are applied in the first place.

We have listed some of the types of the roof where roof leakage treatment in Karachi is applicable, and produce instant results.

One thing to consider is there are multiple types of chemical available for waterproofing solution, but we are more interested in only acrylic based chemicals in this article.

Metal Sheet

The metal sheet includes a corrugate sheet, Galvanized sheet, and any ordinary tin sheet you can find which is used over the roof.

The chemical is easily applied over the roof and from the result of the application, we can find an instant result after it has properly dried up.

Main application to ensure roof leakage treatment in Karachi can be covered through simply acrylic and bitumen coating.

Concrete Roof

Any roof which has concrete over its structure is quite natural to leakage due to a high level of rain or water pipe burst.

Not only that but these roof needs to have frequent repairs so that leakage and seepage are reduced to the minimum level.

Thanks to the chemical-based roof leakage treatment in Karachi, it ensures that a concrete based roof is fixed for the better, especially when you’re looking for instant results.

RCC Roof

There’s a minor difference in RCC and concrete roof. Although both use concrete as a filling compound, the concrete roof is usually known as RBC (Re-enforced Brick concrete) and usually found over old construction.

The best thing about these types of roof is that you can mix cement with non-oil based waterproofing chemicals such as acrylic and elastomeric to ensure that roof leakage treatment in Karachi is applied to the best of our abilities.

Brick roof

Brick roofs are most usually found over the northern areas of North America. These roofs are slanted along with special roof tiles that look like bricks placed over the roof structure.

Because chemical-based roof leakage treatment in Karachi is aimed to induce resistance of water-based leakage and seepage over the material, a bricked roof can get this feature with no issue whatsoever.

The application of water-based roof leakage treatment in Karachi makes it evident enough that your roof remains protected even during the harshest downpour experienced.


We can’t apply enough importance on availing the waterproofing chemical solution for your home, especially to counter the roof leakage in your home because where there is water, there are pests and that’s can only be exterminated through pest control chemicals or secure it with a waterproofing chemical in the first place.

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