Water tank seepage and contamination: How to fix them

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No one can predict when it’s gonna happen, but water tank leakage seepage in Karachi happens none the less. We are talking about water contamination caused by our water tank because of seepage. Although water is secure inside our water tank, because of the leakage and seepage, we see various other harmful elements set their direction towards the water inside, and the most basic level of contamination might be quite harmful to us. Good thing is that this problem of leakage and seepage for the water tank is solvable through the use of waterproofing chemicals. Let’s learn about water contamination.

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Types of seepage in the water tank

Since there are different types of water tanks available in Karachi, the same can be said for different types of contamination. Although, before explaining in detail about how contamination differs in each material, we exclusively want to mention beforehand, that underground water tank is leaked or seepage, opens up more chance for harmful bacteria and contamination, while the overhead water tank has a comparatively lower rate of water contamination.

Water contamination – Is it harmful?

Quite a lot, because it gives birth to choric based disease, which is considered one of the leading illness in Pakistan. Contamination also makes you sick more often and is harmful to your wellbeing. There is absolutely no second guess about water contamination and once we are positive that water tank seepage is eminent, no option is left in front of us besides going ahead with its fix. Its also observed that in Pakistan, water might have a minor amount of contamination, which is quite hard to identify, and not pose a great threat, as to another form of contamination, like a dead rat being laying inside your water tank. We should be completely careful with the water that we use in our homes.

Watch out for color change

In order to identify about the water tank contamination, the first indication which helps many to understand that something is gravely wrong with the water, when it color starts to change, There is not specific color we can explicitly mention, but since a clean water is clear, if its not, then its not safe to use. Mostly water that we used in our tap, mostly is for our bathing, washing, etc, but not drinking. For that, most households use filtered water instead. Once you see the color is not original, its time for you to consider fixing your water tanks as soon as possible.

The smell is a good sign

Another sign to identify that your water is being contaminated or not is through the sense of smell. The water might smell weird to say the least, once it’s contaminated. It’s not as bad as the sewage smell, but even the minor weird smell is a good identification to whether the water tank is really in bad shape or not. For an underground water tank, sometimes, there is garbage coming in from your tan in the form of slime. If that’s the case, there is a probable chance that the water tank is not leaked, only there is contamination that came from the main water line.

How to fix water contamination

Once we are completely positive that water tank seepage has been found and it caused the water to contamination, there are some steps that we must take to fix it. It’s all technical which might require the assistance of an expert water tank cleaning and waterproofing company, but in this article, we want to provide some insight to our readers that will help them to least understand the steps and concepts used during the water tank repairing works.

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Clean water tank

The first step and the most logical one is to clean your water tank thoroughly. Now this one is typical, based on the water tank size, location, and height. If you have a water tank that is located in a hard to reach the place, you need to disconnect it from there and clean it separately. For overhead water tanks for large residential buildings, ladder and necessary experience are needed, maybe some assistance from masonry experts. For an underground water tank, it’s also typical, because it’s deep, requires proper availability of lightening and plenty of manpower. But once the water tank is cleaned, let’s go to the next step, which is repairing.

Apply waterproofing chemical

The repairing in the water tank might differ as well because in the market there are various types of water tanks available and each one is handled differently. When referring to the concrete water tank, waterproofing chemical treatment will help it to fix the water tank completely and ensure that no leakage or seepage comes into it for years. While there are a metal-based water tank and plastic water tank, which requires their own set of repair features, but the common thing is the same, to stop the water from being leaked out from the surface.

Equipment used to fix water tank leakage seepage in Karachi

Nothing is possible with proper tools and techniques in real life, whether it’s writing a letter, creating a doc file, or even working to fix water tank leakage seepage in Karachi.

We have created a list of equipment that is somewhat exclusive to the water tank waterproofing solution in Karachi because of its unique place as well as the work requirement.

Summer pump and pipe

Let’s start with an optional piece of equipment used for water tank leakage seepage in Karachi known to be the summer pump and pipe combination.

If a water tank is not empty and has a little bit of water in it, it’s essential to get engaged in taking out the water properly. In the old days, it was using a bucket and a mug, but now as time is getting advanced, we can simply use a summer pump attached with a pipe to do the trick.


There might be some unwashed elements like algae or fungi looking at things inside the water tank. In most cases, the repairing work for water tank leakage seepage in the Karachi part also includes cleaning the water tank properly.

Not so much with detergents but simply using water and mop to take out the hard and visible element for good.


Bucket or rather buckets are used for repairing the water tank leakage seepage in Karachi using waterproofing chemicals.

One technician can handle one bucket at a time, but if there is a large water tank, it’s obvious that more people will come along with more buckets required for the job.

Inside the bucket, we will be using a waterproofing chemical mixture, which in most cases is acrylic chemical mixed with cement.


The paintbrush is the sole equipment to fix water tank leakage seepage in Karachi without investing more. That’ what makes this waterproofing repair work cheap and cost-effective in the first place.

The paintbrush is properly washed every time it’s being not used. Thus, the process all over is fast, safe, and above all effective.


First and foremost, if a water tank is situated underground or overhead with a large area, there’s a need to connect the lightening element across the water tank.

This is possible even if we use an extra bulb and wiring across each corner. All this is provided to ensure that proper chemical application is ensured to cover the fixing of water tank leakage seepage in Karachi to the best of our ability.


Water tank seepage in Karachi is fixable, so is the contamination. All we need is motivation to do it ourselves or simply asked the waterproofing professional to handle it for us, which is far more viable and practical in Karachi.

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