What is termite proofing in Pakistan

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Many of us might have experienced in our lifetime about the infestation done by termites. In the basic term, termites are insects that eat wood. Now, we will go through some of the details below in this article, but it’s still important to understand that the termites are an epidemic which affects your entire house. At the worst case scenario, not even your furniture gets spared by the termites and eventually, you will start to bare extensive renovation expenses to fix everything wood related that includes your drawers, cupboard, doors, furniture, and wood flooring. In order to stay protected from the damages done by termite, we usually acquire help from termite proofing services. That’s the service which has experience and the equipment necessary to make the process of termite damaging the wood slower or in the best case, exterminate the termite infestation completely.

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Termite proofing in Pakistan is handled by professional and experts who are well aware of the application of every scenario where termite might come into play. Through adopting numerous methods and industry grade products for termite proofing in Pakistan, companies and contractors will be equipped with fumigation equipment along with the technical expertise to remove the termite damage from your home entirely. It is important to understand the termite proofing and the fumigation process varies based on the initial analysis of the inspection specialist because of the termite infestation is different based on various factors such as larva presence under the wood around your home floor and furniture, amount of existing damage, and nature of your wood is also important to determine the application of termite proofing process and what will be the intensity for product usage is going to be.

Types of wood that termites damage

If you have guessed right, there are some woods that termites like and some woods that termites avoid. For the sake of understanding those notorious wood that is loved dearly by the likes of termites. For all those people who are looking to build a house or simply want to fixate with new furniture for their home, keeping in mind with these woods and the longevity of your possession anything wood related. Separating the woods based on the types of termite that eat them, there are actually 3 types of termites usually found in a building, subterranean termites which lives under the foundation of your home loves to eat moisture-oriented wood or might know as softwood, dry wood termites lives above the surface or usually over your attic damages and eats hardwood present in your furniture, frame and structure timbers, and the last one is usually a rare type of termite known as damp wood, which feeds on old wood or in other words rotten wood that gives out unpleasant smell due to fungi and various infestations.

Signs for termite infestation for your home

Before calling the experts in termite proofing in Pakistan, it is important to analyze yourself whether your home is infested with termites or not. We are not proposing any guide for letting our readers go through some step by step manner to identify the termites and their whereabouts. Even by realizing some of your everyday activities within your home, you might understand the termites has started to grasp throughout your home in great strength. As mentioned above, there are various types of termites existed in your home, or for common terms, two are mostly you’ll get accustomed with during your spell with termite proofing in Pakistan. For dry wood termites, or those that damage wood present about the surface, you might find your furniture getting hollow from inside, doors or windows giving you hard time to operate at any direction, whether you are opening it or closing. These are the most prominent signs to let you know that termites are doing pretty intense damage in your home.

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There is another sign which needs a little working prior to its detection, which is to identify the wood by pealing off the outer wall of your furniture or anything wood related. The termite infestation usually occurs inside the wood since the termites like to eat wood from within. Through check the internal structure of your wood, many people might hear the ticking sounds from the wood if they hear it quite closely. The wood usually plywood shows small holes or chambers inside the wood structure which gives a clear assumption that signs for termites are visible since these insects like to go to and fro within their colonies by eating their way and making the path in the process. The hint for finding whether termites have come to destroy the wood of your home, the best way is to observe the strength of wood by simply striking with any sharp object to understand termite damage that has been made so far.

Types of termite proofing in Pakistan

Termites are insects with the quantity that lives in colonies and there is a queen that lays eggs in a similar way an ants does it. Even a fire ant looks quite a like a termite and usually, people get confused with a termite with an ant. The best difference to examine whether its a termite or an ant, the termite is usually in white color and looks a bit transparent. Also, the antenna attached to the head of the termite is smaller than an ant and straight with no curve whatsoever. With this in mind, the next job which is the essence of our article is how to perform a comprehensive termite proofing in Pakistan. Before start mentioning the names of poisons and such, there are two important concepts which need to understand before starting the process of termite proofing in Pakistan. In short, termites are located in two areas within your home, one is living under the soil, or in other words known as subterranean termites that feeds on structural and basement wood, which the other types of termite is hardwood termite, that lives over your furniture and other frame structure and can live off with moisture around the air. For both of this termite trouble, there is methods and products separate to put down the maximum damage possible in order to finish up this trouble of termite issues and make the best possible termite proofing in Pakistan. These two types of termite proofing in Pakistan is known as termite proofing for new homes and termite proofing for old homes. Below we tried to explain in detail about both of this classification of termite proofing to our readers which will greatly help to understand the nature of termite proofing in general and protecting your home from damage in general.

Termite proofing for new homes

New homes or homes which are under construction, the only target we usually make is the precautionary measures for future termites since there might be no current termite damage that could have disturbed the structure of your homes. The most effective method is by drilling holes into the basement of the home, similar to the construction of pillars and such requires from the contractor. These holes must be separated by some distance in between and here, a huge amount of termite repellent spray is applied for taking a precautionary measure. If you might be thinking about why to use a repellent spray rather than using a termite poison to inflict more damage, actually, there are their methods where termite proofing can be used based on available products in the market. Their products are known as termite killers, termite poison and termite repellent chemicals. All of these are in the form of spray since solid chemical or liquid cannot be spread to a greater quantity. 30% of the times, the termite proofing is using termite repellent due to its importance of safe and effective results afterward.

One more important measure taken by contractors and termite proofing experts is to use solid rocks over the basement of your home before applying concrete flooring, because termites cannot eat away from any other material besides wood, as compared to concrete flooring, the moisture content and cracks that are available in concrete flooring makes it possible for termite to proceed and create great amount of colonies inside the basement of your home. This method is only for homes that are currently under construction in the first place.

Termite proofing for old homes

As for many of the readers here comes the section for which you might have click on this link for the first place, as to what is the method for termite proofing for old homes. That includes any homes, whether its a multi-storied, an apartment, or a bungalow. In this process, we have only the use of the product or in other words termite spray to make these termite epidemic go away as soon as possible. The termite chemical in Pakistan which is considered as poison is commonly known as “Fipronil”. This chemical comes under the category of termite killer and is among the most effective chemicals available for termite proofing in Pakistan. For termite poison, the chemical used in Pakistan is known as “imidacloprid” white the termite repellent is called “bifenthrin”. All of this product is easily available all around the country, while the professional used a mixture of customary products based on the requirements. In short, spray around your fumigation around your old homes which includes, furniture, windows, doors, frames, structure wood and anything where the termite proofing experts could imagine that termite infestation could be found inside it.

Another method which is also available to reduce the number of termite for the old home, but used low in number is by placing medicine for termite killing inside the walls of the home by drilling small holes and placing the medicine inside these holes. These holes also help our customers from achieving a small 2 ft nozzles and placing inside the walls of your home, where the high pressurized spray is applied to terminate all the termites that have taken sanctuary inside the conceal columns of your home. It is an effective manner to keep the termite away from your homes for couples of years. This is important to understand before availing the services of termite proofing experts in Pakistan, that there is no permanent solution termite infestation since they might come again after a few years. Keeping a general view that after every 3 years, you might need to perform the termite proofing at your home again for effective extermination of all these abominations that is damaging your home wood to a greater extent.

How to check quality for termite extermination

Any termite proofing company in Pakistan will claim to fully wipe out the infestation of termite from your home, but how to check the quality of your selected termite extermination company in the first place. This is the job of the customers to ask a few questions before hiring any termite proofing company. It is important to understand these companies will be using chemical inside your home to kill off termites, so it’s only fair to ask and investigate about the chemicals that are being used. Are they up to industry standards and fairly effective for termite proofing? The termite proofing companies use multiple chemicals, which includes petrochemicals, medicines and other products mixed together. It’s also important to understand how much quantity these termite proofing companies will be using for their spraying session. For fipronil, termite poison as explained before, the quantity used among other contents should be around 2.5%, that should also be asked beforehand. Lastly, it is important to ask about any sort of warranty whether the termite infestation will be done for good for at least a years. By asking all these questions, a customer might have some assumption at least about the companies strength and current standing based on the market value.


Termite proofing in gaining in great number since these insects are 90% of times exist at your home at the moment. Terminating them will help you to get protected for a few years from any wood-based damages in your home. It’s always a good idea to go ahead and do your market research about which types of termite proofing companies are operating in Pakistan and what are their costs respective to the service their provides. Lakhwa Chemical Services is among the emerging termite proofing company that is making sure to help out our customers and ensuring to provide one of the best services there is in the market for termite proofing and helping out to exterminate them which best results possible.

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