Various types of Foundation Termite Proofing in Karachi

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There is absolutely no second opinion on the minds of people when it comes to insect infestation and the use of poison to exterminate them. In the same light, we want to provide even further about some precautionary measure one could take during the construction of their homes. Since termites are solely considered a dreadful culprit that inflect structural damage to your home, we want to provide a few of the methods that could prove effective for the protection of your foundation. Putting in front of our readers, Let’s learn about some of the top types of foundation termite proofing in Karachi that is being used during the construction process.

Before going into detail, it goes without saying that termite proofing in Karachi is considered a safe practice, and the experts that are responsible is providing the service has all the necessary practice to fully cope up with the termite proofing in Karachi. The equipment, products, and experience count to ensure that the entire process is successful and that the termite proofing which is being targeted are properly being exterminated using the products such as fumigation spray, termite poison and other repellents which would do a great job keeping this abomination away from your home.

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Masonry based Foundation Termite Proofing

The main reason for treating foundation termite proofing in Karachi is to eliminate the chance of subterranean termite that lives inside the soil and tried to migrate about your foundation and basement level. There will be termite located under the foundation at all times, the only solution viable for us is to make sure that they are unable to travel across the base of our foundation and into the basement. Since we have masonry based foundation as well, we aimed to clear all the chances for termite infestation through using various methods as per the experience gained by the experts working in a fumigation spray service in Karachi.

The first step in the works of masonry based foundation termite proofing, we start off by drilling 5 feet holds across ever 5 feet distance during the foundation construction of your home. Through these holes then will be applied chemicals termite spray with high pressure to ensure that the medicine is properly traveling around these holes properly. As we go down towards a more depth of masonry foundation, the amount of medicine increases as well, in the units of liters per square feet. Since termite might enter into your foundation because of the cracks and openings around the foundation, it’s necessary to properly apply a concrete solution to close them as much as possible.

RCC based Foundation Termite Proofing

For RCC based foundation, due to the hard base and a better density with a richer mix of compounds, it’s quite difficult for termites to pass the base but they will go around the plinth level and into the basement where the RCC is usually a little weaker than before. After 500 feet, we start off with applying the termite spray with heavy quantity as the soil is usually moisture since RCC foundation require moist soil to adjust the structure properly. The medicine will be applied around the soil area as well as the foundation slabs since the bottom basement is well protected in the first place.

Equipment used for Fumigation

At first, the medicine used for providing an effective termite proofing in Karachi, it’s necessary to have all the mixtures in place. These chemicals are in combination with some petrochemicals so have a good evaporation rate rather than using water as a solvent. The quantity of the chemicals also defines how concentrated the solution is and based on the conditions applied, the mixture is entire to the experience of the applicator. Also, it’s quite important to understand that termite spray will have no effect during rain, so it always advised to wait for the rain to finish.

For application used to apply medicine into the holes in your foundation, the use of pressure pump is used attached with an extended nozzle that helps to apply medicine on far to reach places. When the trenches are further extended across the foundation, the pipe will be accompanied along the way for maximum medicine coverage. Safety measures are also quite a necessity during the application. Wearing protective gear, along with a mask is compulsory to get protected from harmful gases.

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Termite Proofing for Old homes

All of the above-mentioned methods are usually for termite foundation proofing for new homes or under construction places. As for post-construction homes, or old homes, the methods are somewhat different. A termite proofing expert will believe to apply for more work on old homes since the termite infestation would probably be imminent. The drilling is required for floor and walls to make sure that the chemical is reaching to every corner and hook for having a maximum effect on your home. That being said, the chemicals much also be applied on visible termite damaged places, such as hollow wood, turned out furniture and other structural wood located around your home.


By understanding various types of foundation termite proofing in Karachi, the homeowner might understand how to approach towards experts in termite proofing and aim on ensuring that termite infestation is the matter of history whenever his home comes into mind. The important element in play here is the chemical products used, its quality and experience of the handler for a complete service outcome.

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