Waterproofing membrane in Pakistan

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Waterproofing membrane in Pakistan

No one can deny from the fact that a waterproofing solution helps the customer to fix their leakage and seepage trouble for good. Not just it fixes these issues for years and years, but it’s very well within the budget for many customers. Since water leakage is a big issue for many sectors of society, fixing these requires a lot of chemical usage especially if the target location is a roof. The roof waterproofing membrane in Pakistan help fixes the leakage and seepage for good. All we have to do is to hire those companies which have adequate years of experience within their belt plus they can buy the waterproofing membrane in Pakistan from our behave along with all the necessary equipment used to apply the waterproofing membrane in Pakistan.

Waterproofing price in Pakistan

Since people understand that waterproofing service requires chemical or waterproofing membrane in Pakistan, it identifies that different product has different prices. Hence the customers are more interested in purchasing the product with a good waterproofing price in Pakistan. This price fluctuates since products manufacture and their raw materials are imported from other countries. Contacting a good waterproofing company will ensure that customers get the most accurate but when an inspection visit is scheduled, the waterproofing price in Pakistan becomes the most accurate one, without any charges from the customer’s end.

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Waterproofing chemical price in Pakistan

Along with waterproofing membrane in Pakistan, there is a chemical-based waterproofing solution which comes into existence because the application of this waterproofing chemical ensures that no leakage and seepage is encountered within the realm of customers home. Similarly with the waterproofing membrane in Pakistan, finding an accurate waterproofing chemical price in Pakistan is also accompanied by a reputable company that handles this waterproofing chemical procurement and application in large, medium and small scale, depending on the customer’s requirement.

Waterproofing membrane in Karachi

There is no second opinion about finding out with the best waterproofing products since the best the product is, the more chance it will secure from the unwanted element of leakage and seepage. The waterproofing membrane in Karachi is considered to be among the most used product which helps the customer to get protected from water-based damages. Plus waterproofing membrane in Karachi is easily available in the market, but its application is accompanied by a professional waterproofing solution provider in Pakistan. These waterproofing companies help customers to ensure that the waterproofing solution is completely applied around the affected area where leakage and seepage are present to a major degree.

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Waterproofing cement Pakistan

People are often confused about the nature of waterproofing product since it comes in various shapes and sizes, the waterproofing membrane in Pakistan is without a fact an important product that helps fix the issues of water leakages found in roof, basement, foundation, bathroom, walls, water tank, expansion joint and a lot of other places. Much of the time, there is another waterproofing chemical product which is mixed by cement to properly apply the product over the affected area to close down the leakage and seepage in Pakistan. With the help of waterproofing cement in Pakistan, the leakage and seepage can easily be secured in most places which are made from the concrete compound.

Membrane sheet price in Pakistan

Finding the more updated membrane sheet price in Pakistan ensures to let the customer think of countless ways where this waterproofing membrane can help them to secure the issues of leakage and seepage in Pakistan. Simply through the application of these products in any affected area, the water-based damage is closed down, or in other words, properly airtight because this water comes because of the difference in pressure. If somehow we can secure the leakage and seepage for good, simply by learning about membrane sheet price in Pakistan, it will help us for many years to come.

List of Top Brands of Waterproofing membrane in Pakistan

People are always interested in getting the top brands of anything, the same can be said for waterproofing membrane in Pakistan.

No one can undermine the benefits of using a waterproofing membrane to protect oneself from the adverse effects of leakage and seepage.

Thanks to these next-generation solutions, people now have the change to protect themselves by utilizing the minimum budget into the job.

Below are all of the popular brands of waterproofing membrane in Pakistan that are widely used in different parts of the country.

Roof Grip

For people who are looking to the brand of waterproofing membrane in Pakistan which works, take the Roof Grip for a spin to ensure that optimum benefit is received from this solution.

Roof Grip is a bitumen membrane from the makers of Roofline. They have been working in the waterproofing industry for several years and their product Roof Grip has gained tremendous popularity over the years.

Since its locally made, the cost of this solution is very reasonable and it’s advised for people to avail Roof Grip for your bitumen-based waterproofing membrane in Pakistan needs.


Introduced by PakHyOils who provide waterproofing membranes in Pakistan as their main product.

Hi-Grip takes around 70% market share when considering the bitumen-based solution. This is by far most effective in terms of leakage and seepage protection, especially when applied over your roof

Another benefit of using Hi-Grip is the choice from a variety of waterproofing membrane in Pakistan to apply the material that works best with your roof and your requirement.


Sika as being an international brand for waterproofing related solution, it has gained a reputation as the most perfect solution overall.

So for covering the roof from the water-based damage, SikaBit knows that using their material means you are looking for a solution that works for years and with the best result.

SikaBit will surely do a perfect job of performing the water leakage protection over the affected areas for many years to come.

DryFix 3000

When you are looking to apply waterproofing membrane in Pakistan over a large real estate but want to save money on the material along the way, without compromising on the quality, then Dryfix 3000 is the best answer.

It’s a waterproofing membrane in Pakistan with thin width but can fully join over the surface without producing a lot of wastage.

Top Class Bitumen membrane provider in Pakistan

Lakhwa Chemical Services we’re the best Water Proofing Company in Pakistan there is the range of our services in Waterproofing:

Roof Water Proofing, Roof Leaking Repairs services, Bathroom Leakage Seepage control without Damage

This is a unique polymeric chemical treatment for the water proofing. It is applied on the surface of roof after cleaning dust, rust and other unwanted materials. This chemical react with the moisture of fine drop lets present in concrete, asbestos and metallic sheet network. Which generates a non-soluble crystalline formation throughout the pores and capillary tracks of roof, thus the roof becomes permanently sealed against the penetration of water or liquid from any direction.

Process of water proofing Coating,

1- First layer fills the cracks and holes in the surface.
2- Second layer attach with first layer to fill the remaining cracks and makes the roof flexible.
3- Third layer covered with membrane sheets and make high flexural strength.
4- Fourth layer cover the sheets.
5- Fifth layer makes the roof more sufficient compression strength.

We provide all kind of services which include,

1- Roof Water proofing
2- Bitumen waterproofing
4- Water Tank Coating
5- Leakage & Seepage Solution
6- Washroom leakage & Seepage control without Dismantling
7- Basement Waterproofing Solutions

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If you have any question and concerns, please contact us,

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