Top insulation material for the roof in Pakistan

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Insulation material for roof and choosing which one to go for have always remained the debate for the hour for many people in Pakistan. Because unlike elastomeric paint for sun reflection over your roof, insulation material happens to cost more than that and becomes a somewhat permanent solution for the intense heat issue. To make sure that our clients are fully updated about various types of insulation material for roof available in Pakistan, we are going to lay down the top 5 insulation material used for that purpose. But before that, let’s learn various categories of insulation material in which it is classified.

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Classification of insulation material

There are countless insulation material being developed on a regular basis and many of which are being pioneered on the research and development section of the respective industries. It’s pretty hard to lay down all of the known insulation material which has been applied into construction altogether, such as roof, wall, pipes, and basement. Unlike the actual name of insulation material out of which it is being made, the industry has classified the entire arsenal of insulation material into 3 categories, namely plastic, natural material and mineral wool. We are going to show some of the tops used insulation material in Pakistan out of all these categories.

Top used insulation material for the roof in Pakistan

So for our readers to understand the top used insulation material for the roof in Pakistan, we need to give you a little scientific know-how of how insulation material really works? For most of us, we are only interested in decreasing the intense heat from our roof, which means use more insulation material, well, in reality, it is not the case. There is something called, the thickness of insulation material which is the entire science behind the heat insulation concept. The contractors will ask around for insulation material based on its thickness, so if the thickness is heavier, it will be more expensive than thinner, due to more material being used. An the thicker the insulation is, the more R-value it posses, which is a fancy name of resistivity. Below are top insulation material for the roof in Pakistan.


Category: Plastic

R-value: 0.023 – 0.028

Description: Polyurethane comes in various forms, in which foam is the widely used method for insulating your roof. It is considered the top insulation material for rooftops due to its flexibility, great R-value and easy availability at almost any place in the word. Polyurethane comes in plastic category for insulation material, so it’s highly combustible in its raw form. In order to make it less with respect to fire, the anti-flame coating is used to make It secure for everyday use in our homes. Polyurethane insulation material also comes in sheet and panels with various derivatives to make it more secure and effective in extreme heat waves.


Category: Plastic

R value: 0.021 – 0.026

Description: Polyisocyanurate is a plastic which is specially made to protect your roof from the intense heat wave and sun radiation. Making sure that no heat ever crossed your walls, this material has all the right ingredients that help people to really benefit from the expansion of science and knowledge which has bestowed upon the society. With plastic compound and its structural integrity, the polyisocyanurate helps to best of its ability and ensure that no heat ever crosses the interior walls ever again and does the job well at all cost. This insulation material is available in the form of sheets only.

Glass wool

Category: Mineral Wool

R value: 0.031 – 0.044

Description: Have you ever wonder what is the best thing about mineral wool? Yes, we understand that it makes heck a lot of clutter and garbage during installation, but people still go for it. Mineral wool is a modern example of recycled material being utilized for the betterment of people. Take the example of glass wool, which is entirely made from recycled glass and silica sand with no processed and industrialized method which might be harmful to people. There are indeed many people who are quite concerned with environmental protection and the use of industry just makes its adverse effects in the form of pollution. This glass wool does the job well by securing the roof from intense heat and help the people to feel a cool roof sensation in Pakistan. Glass wool is available in the form of sheets flakes to blow through it.

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Paper Flakes

Category: Natural Products

R value: 0.035 – 0. 04

Description: Paper, the most used material in the world as there are countless benefits of wood and its byproducts. Indeed wood in the form of raw might comes in abundance, but do you know, that after the recycling concept generated great interest in the eyes of people, they have started to use on the various department, one of which is in the form of insulation material for rooftops. There is a lot of benefits for using natural products for heat insulation, and out of which, cheap leads the list. Paper flakes come in the form of rolls and sheet to blow through it.

Reason to apply Top insulation material for the roof in Pakistan

After learning about some of the top insulation material for the roof in Pakistan, it’s also pretty much a given to learn what reason do people get interested in availing the solution in the first place.

Although it is quite straightforward, because like the name suggests, finding all the Reasons to apply Top insulation material for the roof in Pakistan makes sure that heat doesn’t penetrate through it.

Based on this, let’s understand the main reasons for the application of insulation over the roof for your home.

Secure from high temperature

Let’s first state the most obvious reason by people opt to go with Reason to apply Top insulation material for the roof in Pakistan, which is to secure from high temperature over the roof.

Thanks to the application of insulation material over the roof, the heat is reduced and effectively makes your room temperature feasible.

The main concern in Pakistan is during the summer season, the high temperature gets out of control and it’s evident to avail next-gen solution, besides using air conditioning 24 hours a day.

The best solution for heat waves

Let’s face it, the heat waves make summer unbearable and it has been observed that its frequency of appearance in Pakistan is tenfold over the years.

Even your air condition proves ineffective during extremely high temperatures. That’s where going on and about with the application of top insulation material for the roof in Pakistan.

Thanks to this next-gen solution, the effects of heat waves reduces to a greater degree to an extent that people can easily live with peace of mind.

Reduce urban island effects

There’s a sort of ambiguity that pertains during high summer days, which comes in the form of heat over walls.

It’s proven from experience as well as laboratory tests that wall does emit radiation out during nighttime, which is known as urban island effects.

By availing not but top insulation material for the roof in Pakistan and applying it over your walls reduce the radiation to a greater degree.

Low energy consumption

The electricity in Pakistan is considered one of the highest in the region. This is mainly because of various reasons, but it’s better not dives into why it’s expensive but rather how to reduce energy consumption in the first place.

Thanks to the application of top insulation material for the roof in Pakistan, the time that our air conditioning works during summer reduces exponentially.


Insulation Material for the roof in Pakistan is a bundle but there are always some which are not only easily available in the market, but helps people in various other ways, such as personal preference, protection of the environment, affordability and recommendation of the contractor. But all of this insulation material have one thing in common, they help to reduce heat temperature from the roof and make your facility cooler than before.

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  1. In islamabad I have a house, got spray insulation few years back but now facing seepage in one of the rooms.
    Roof is flat and not used or covered.
    Kindly suggest.


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