How complicated is the application of the waterproofing membrane in Pakistan?

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Roof waterproofing is an essential solution that protects from leakage and seepage in Pakistan. This solution is possible through the application of water-resistant chemicals over the surface, but it’s not that simple. Based on professional experience and customer’s choice, waterproofing materials and chemicals both come into application. What’s more complicated is the application of the waterproofing membrane in Pakistan, and there is some trick to it that ensures that its application is properly executed. Being a waterproofing chemical treatment expert, we find it necessary to let our readers find about all the complexities while the use of waterproofing membrane in Pakistan.

What effects does waterproofing membrane play?

Why waterproofing chemical exists in the first place? Many people ask this question, but those who are actually in a great fix from leakage and seepage, speaks in the favor of waterproofing solution. To our benefit, there are a different types of waterproofing chemicals, and similarly, the waterproofing membrane in Pakistan has gained tremendous support in recent years. The main difference between the chemical and membrane is actually in the application, while both provide the same result, which is to protect from leakage and seepage. One more difference is the cost of waterproofing membrane in Pakistan, which is more expensive than the chemical treatment.

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Types of waterproofing membrane

Referring to the types of waterproofing membrane in Pakistan, there are just one. A membrane, in general, is nothing more than a bitumen-based sheet with adequate thickness. The waterproofing membrane is applied properly to the affected surface so that it gets combined with airtight fixation. The main purpose of a waterproofing membrane is to close down the affected area properly and to ensure that no leakage can come through the service. Bitumen based solution is a poor water solvent, hence all the leakage or seepage won’t travel across the surface, limiting the water damage to the minimum.

Difficulties in Waterproofing membrane application 

We did mention previously that the waterproofing membrane in Pakistan is different from waterproofing chemicals from the application point of view. When comparing with chemical, the waterproofing chemical is applied by using brush spread over the surface, not that difficult to say the least. But for the waterproofing membrane, we are required to apply with the help of blowtorch. Since one side of the waterproofing membrane is rougher, the heat is applied over the upper area so that bitumen is properly melted over the affected area and properly stick into the roof. This process requires two things at least, proper equipment and several years of experience.

Require more labor force

With waterproofing chemical applications, for some cases, even a single person can perform the treatment without a hitch. But for the waterproofing membrane, there is a requirement for at least 2 people to handle the material properly. Due to its weight, the waterproofing membrane needs to be carried towards its prescribed location and during its placement, it must properly pave according to the to the required space. As a number of labor increases, so is the total cost of the work, but the effects of the waterproofing membrane are way more than some ordinary waterproofing chemical.

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Use of Blow touch

The application of the waterproofing membrane in Pakistan is somewhat unique in terms of its application. Unlike chemical, no binding agent is required to hold off the membrane from the surface, instead, a blow torch is used to heat the material and because of its low melting point from the base, it gets attached to the surface, as a normal chemical would do. Bitumen based chemical, in short, is also somewhat applied hot because of its features. The bitumen membrane has both sides of different nature so that it does affect the overall application procedure,

Need more time for work

For labor that is responsible for working on the project where the waterproofing membrane is used, they naturally need more time for its application. Usually, when the job can spare some time for its application, the waterproofing membrane might come into our aid, but for that area where extra time is absolutely out of the question, we are left with waterproofing chemical treatment since there is no need for an extra individual to work for the project by investing more time.

What is the life expectancy of the waterproofing membrane in Pakistan?

Talking about different types of waterproofing solutions available in Pakistan, one of the leading solutions that people have asked again is waterproofing membrane in Pakistan.

This solution is unique when compared with other solutions in the list. Mainly because it’s not a chemical-based solution, instead it’s a sheet-based which is installed over the affected surface, usually concrete.

People usually ask what is the life expectancy of the waterproofing membrane in Pakistan when compared to other solutions within the same category. Let’s explore more on the life value and how much relief can waterproofing membrane in Pakistan provide to people who avail of this.

More than 10 years

It has been observed time and time again that the application of waterproofing membrane in Pakistan is considered as a solid solution which works for several years.

According to many real-life observations, it’ll take around 10 years minimum for a waterproofing membrane in Pakistan to get distorted or weaken for that matter.

When compared to other waterproofing solution within the same spectrum, the membrane sheet seems to win by a large margin, as it’s quite an effective solution which has the property to withstand heavy damage without showing any signs of damage.

Withstand harsh weather

The application of waterproofing membrane in Pakistan over one’s roof is all about security from harsh weather usually the rainy season.

Because the membrane sheet is made from bitumen material, which is an oil-based compound and has the property to resist water or any other form of liquid better.

It has been found that it’s only possible for waterproofing membrane in Pakistan to withstand the hailstorm effectively and without any reservation.

(Almost) permanent solution

People who avail of the service of waterproofing solutions are looking for a permanent solution, but the chemical solution is not considered permanent.

Since chemical has a certain life to withstand the leakage and seepage effectively, the same cannot be said for waterproofing membrane in Pakistan.

The bitumen-based sheet waterproofing application is somewhat considered a permanent solution as it protects your roof along with repairing any damage over the roof effectively.

Worked only for plain concrete roof

There’s one drawback of applying waterproofing membrane in Pakistan that it can only be applied over the concrete surface.

Whether it’s vertical or horizontal, the application of a waterproofing-based membrane is applied through applying a sheet with a hot gun to enable it to melt and attach over the surface effectively.

Leave it to waterproofing membrane experts

Waterproofing membrane experts are the ones that have two responsibilities. One is to make sure that the waterproofing membrane is properly procured for the customers, and the second thing is to apply complete treatment for the application. All in all, a waterproofing expert will be the responsibility to ensure that all the work related to the application of the waterproofing membrane in Pakistan is handled most professionally and with additional benefits.

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