How expensive is roof leakage treatment in Pakistan?

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There is no secret behind the services provided by waterproofing that it costs money. The money which is spent over the roof for waterproofing needs is somewhat to return to us in the form of the low house maintenance cost, along with the renovation costs that usually add almost every year. There is something people often ask, how much does roof leakage treatment in Pakistan cost? This is the most frequently asked question that we often hear among our potential customers. For all of them, we are providing some insight into the cost as well as what benefits does the roof leakage treatment in Pakistan provides to its people.

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Cost of chemicals

In the field of roof waterproofing and leakage treatment, the first costs that come in mind are the cost of chemicals. These usually take up most of your cost, and its important to understand the total quantity and amount to be used for your needs. The cost of chemical is a variable amount, meaning, the amount of chemical, the quality, and wastage that is left is also considered. There are multiple types of products used for roof leakage treatment, out of which, the most popular one is the bitumen-based chemical product which is considered among widely used products and services. It also cost the most in terms of waterproofing service.

Cost of labor

Usually, the waterproofing service requires the need for labor, because the service is provided inside your home, directly exposed under the sun, which is quite difficult. Labor, on the other hand, has the proper experience to hand such labor-intensive work. They do add up the cost for your overall service, but with the guarantee provided from the labor and their experience is way more valuable. The cost is vary based on labor experience and several labors. But no matter the cost, it will not be higher than the cost of chemicals in practical.

Optional costs

Talking about the costs, there are some optional ones as well which go around the products to make the waterproofing service more solid. Since the basic principle of availing roof leakage treatment is to use the next-generation solution to help secure your roof from leakage and seepage, people often avail the most expensive material such as membrane, which is far greater potent and provide the service that has much more resistivity as compared to viscous chemicals. Also, most roof has what they call, joint expansion, which needs special care and attention. The good thing about the waterproofing company in Pakistan is that they provide the service exclusively for expansion joint treatment, which also adds up the cost.

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No maintenance

After giving some details about the waterproofing product and service which takes up the cost from the customer, there is some benefit from this service, which helps monetarily manner towards the customers. One of the biggest advantages of roof leakage treatment service in Pakistan is that after the application of waterproofing service, there is no need for maintenance, which means, all the cost that is included in the service for the first time is the only cost. And then you might forget after applying the chemical into your roof. Its indeed an amazing solution if we consider another solution which helps to resolve the same leakage problem.

No hidden charges

The chemical application uses chemicals and people that do it. That’s it, neither there any taxes, no additional charges that people take monthly or so. You should remain relaxed because the cost which people pay up is absolutely transparent and quite reasonable at the same time. This helps the customer to remain at ease of mind which further boosts the ability to avail of this service even more. An amazing service to say the least.

Benefits provided by waterproofing company free of charge

If you are looking to avail of this waterproofing service in Pakistan, some companies provide this service for you along with chemical procurement, labor allotment, and equipment used to apply the chemicals will also be provided on the behave of the company. Not just that, but the company provides a complete warranty on products and services for years to come. Meaning if your leakage is coming again until their warranty expires, they will ensure to apply the solution without any charge. This solution you won’t obtain if you apply yourself.

Why roof leakage treatment in Pakistan is cost-effective?

If someone is in great distress about their roof leakage troubles, and looking for a good counter solution for it, do try ahead with chemical application. One benefit of it that’s it’s cost-effective.

When compared to other solutions, roof leakage treatment in Pakistan seems to be the simplest solution for the long run and there are many reasons for it.

Some of the reasons have been explained in this article for you to learn why the chemical application is a cheap solution by far.

Instant application

The best thing about chemical-based roof leakage treatment in Pakistan is that it is applicable within hours. This helps the labor charges cost to decrease while at the same time, the effect of the solution itself seems to be quite instant.

Usually, for construction work, it takes a lot of time and labor hours to apply or even repair something that’s broken. Thanks to the application of chemical-based roof leakage treatment in Pakistan, the cost-effectiveness makes many people surprise, to say the least.

Fast result

Any solution which takes a lot of time to show the result is usually not recommended by the masses. The same can be said for a new solution, such as chemically attuned roof leakage treatment in Pakistan solution.

But to our suppose, the roof waterproofing shows the fast result, right after its applied and properly dried up. The drying period might way for a different region, but locally, it usually takes a day at most for complete roof leakage treatment in Pakistan.

Zero maintenance cost

After the application is completed for chemically-based roof leakage treatment in Pakistan, there’s no worry left in between the ages, such as maintenance cost.

Unlike construction itself, there’s material decay and concerning time, the result decreases. Talking about the waterproofing based solution, the entire solution is cost-effective and provide an instant result.

Not just that but a coat is independent of any sort of maintenance. People who are interested to have a stronger resultant from water leakage and seepage from the roof area can recoat the chemical again altogether.

Benefits of Warranty 

One of the best things about waterproofing-based roof leakage treatment in Pakistan and companies that provide it also ensure that chemical application provides several years of warranty at the same time.

This warranty can be claimed if the solution doesn’t properly work, it’s not just cost-effective, but also great for people and customers who have some reservations with the chemical in itself.


We understand that roof leakage treatment is not cheap, but considering all the money being saved because of renovation or maintenance cost we perform over our roof due to leakage, not to forget the health consequence of leakage, and pest infestation that usually comes along the way where ever there is water laying around.

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  1. Tajuddin patel

    is it possible to water proofing on over the heat proof tiles as we know the tills are made of tharmopol cover with cement please let me know house is just three years old

    • waterproofing

      In practice, the heat proofing solution should be applied at the top of waterproofing to make it work. For your heat proofing tiles with thermopole cover, it should be handled with waterproofing chemicals, that has heat proofing capabilities.

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